Venture HS

  • May 20
    B Day
  • May 21
    A Day
    May 21
    HS Field: Seniors vs. Teachers Kickball Game
    May 21
    HS Field: MESStival
  • May 22
    Senior Passage - No Classes (HS Only)
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Venture K8

  • May 21
    Kindergarten Fieldwork
    May 21
    3rd Grade Celebration of Learning
  • May 22
    Kindergarten Roundup
  • May 23
    Spring Band Concert
    May 23
    MS Outdoor Ed Intensive Chaperone Training
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It's an Amazing World We Live In:

Let's Discover it!

Why Venture K8?

Venture Academy K-8 offers parents and students an innovative learning community that is committed to:

  • Providing space and opportunity for students to develop powerful skills, discover interests, refine strengths, and develop confidence;
  • Helping students understand not just what there is to learn, but why it is worth learning;
  • Providing a learning community that is friendly, supportive, and challenging and where strong relationships can be built over time with teachers and other students;
  • Helping students understand and develop effective ways of serving the needs of our community, nation, and world;
  • Helping students embrace the reality that habits of character like grit, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, attitude, respect, and integrity matter more to success in life than anything else;
  • Hiring and training great teachers to love and help your children grow!
Read more: K8 Curriculum & Instruction.

Why Venture High?

We are all familiar with the large multi-thousand student high schools that are common across the country. Venture offers a different experience:

  • All students are well-known by teachers and administration, which provides many advantages for discovering talents and finding support in pursuing interests;
  • Small class sizes encourage more engaging approaches to classroom instruction;
  • Students are challenged to stretch their minds and abilities through considering deep questions and purposeful projects;
  • Students are prepared with the skills, knowledge, and attributes necessary for success in college and career, and are able to take charge of their own learning;
  • Student have opportunities to apply their knowledge and skill to the service of others and the community;
  • Venture has great teachers!
 Read more: HS Curriculum & Instruction.

See our high-quality student work! 

Our students do work that is:

good in quality,
good for the soul,
and good for the world.

Ron Berger