Venture HS

  • September 27
    A Day
    September 27
    HS Gym: School Dance Program
    September 27
    AUD: HS Choir Fall Concert
  • September 28
    HS Picture Retake Day
    September 28
    B Day
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Venture K8

  • September 29
    MS Fall Hike
    September 29
    K8 MegaCrew - Family Vanguard
    September 29
    K-2 Fieldwork - Parsons Pasture
  • October 2
    HS Gym: K8 Archery Club
  • October 3
    K8 Picture Retake Day
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K8 Clubs

Venture Archery

Students in 4th-8th grade get to learn the basics of archery and even compete at the end of the season! Practice occurs twice a week during the season.