Venture HS

  • September 27
    A Day
    September 27
    HS Gym: School Dance Program
    September 27
    AUD: HS Choir Fall Concert
  • September 28
    HS Picture Retake Day
    September 28
    B Day
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Venture K8

  • September 29
    MS Fall Hike
    September 29
    K8 MegaCrew - Family Vanguard
    September 29
    K-2 Fieldwork - Parsons Pasture
  • October 2
    HS Gym: K8 Archery Club
  • October 3
    K8 Picture Retake Day
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Let's Stay Connected

At Venture, we use three main methods for communicating with parents and students:



Use PowerSchool to find current / final grades on assignments and overall course grades. 

Access PowerSchool from a browser or the PowerSchool app. For the app, use the District Code to sign in: RMWQ.



We utilize email as our main form of communication. Please check your email regularly so you don't miss important information regarding field work, events, grades, teacher comments, and more.


Contact Us

Venture recognizes the central role communication plays in the success of the school. We expect and encourage open, responsible, and respectful communication. 

If parents have a question, concern, or suggestion the appropriate line of communication is to first approach your child's teacher. 

If the issue is not resolved, please speak with administration.