Venture HS

  • June 6
    National Honors Society
  • June 15
    Board Meeting
  • June 19-23
    Summer School
  • July 4
    National Honors Society
  • August 1
    National Honors Society
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Venture K8

  • June 15
    Board Meeting
  • August 17
    Board Meeting
  • August 21
    First Day of School 1-12th grades
  • August 28
    Kindergarten First Day of School
  • August 29
    K8 Picture Day
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New Programs & Building Addition
for the 2023-2024 School Year!

Aim Higher: Honors Program, College Credit, & Mentoring

Venture Higher is for students who want to aim even higher academically while still participating in all the wonderful opportunities in the Venture High Community. Connect to your future now, while still gathering great high school experiences!

  • Participate in all the great things at Venture High like band, Crew, choir, theater, student government, archery, Intensives, and more while also: 
  • Earning college credit on the path to a bachelor’s degree 
  • Attending OTECH and earning certification in a technical field of study 
  • Taking challenging classes that require a deeper level of understanding and knowledge to prepare for college 
  • Electing Honors track in classes which allows for a deeper exploration of ideas, is featured on transcripts, and is factored into the Venture High valedictorian calculation 
  • Working directly with administration, teachers, and community members to receive mentoring and coaching on applying to colleges, scholarships, internships, maximizing the college experience, strategies to reduce stress and more! 
  • Getting exclusive access to our NEW! Venture Higher Study (a physical space designed for studying, collaboration, and college courses) 
  • Applying for the Opportunity Scholarship for students who take advanced courses during high school