Venture HS

  • June 6
    National Honors Society
  • June 15
    Board Meeting
  • June 19-23
    Summer School
  • July 4
    National Honors Society
  • August 1
    National Honors Society
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Venture K8

  • June 15
    Board Meeting
  • August 17
    Board Meeting
  • August 21
    First Day of School 1-12th grades
  • August 28
    Kindergarten First Day of School
  • August 29
    K8 Picture Day
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We are Crew, Not Passengers

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At the heart of Venture Academy and Venture High School, we find Crew. Crew is the foundation of our school culture and our primary tool for establishing a positive learning community. It is the place where our students learn that both character and intellect play an important role in their academic success. In Crew, students discover they are capable of more than they ever thought possible!

Crew is a class that provides each student with a team of other students and a dedicated teacher adviser to help them be successful. 

Crew meetings provide an opportunity to regularly debrief what is going on in school, celebrate victories, discuss important issues, and acknowledge good work. Crew also provides an opportunity for students to learn leadership, communication, and team-building skills. Students work together to improve their academic performance and to form a strong connection with their fellow Crew members. 

The Crew structure is the key vehicle for helping students develop their portfolios of academic work, prepare passage presentations, engage in college and career preparation activities, and to generally improve their success in the Venture community. 

Work Portfolios

As students progress through high school, they develop work portfolios that are organized to show progress on the five dimensions of student achievement while also highlighting student work that demonstrates Venture’s values.  


Student work portfolios help students prepare for what we call Passage Presentations that are completed at the end of 5th, 8th, and 12th grade. Students present their work and progress to a distinguished panel composed of teachers, administrators, community members, and parents.