Venture HS

  • May 20
    B Day
  • May 21
    A Day
    May 21
    HS Field: Seniors vs. Teachers Kickball Game
    May 21
    HS Field: MESStival
  • May 22
    Senior Passage - No Classes (HS Only)
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Venture K8

  • May 21
    Kindergarten Fieldwork
    May 21
    3rd Grade Celebration of Learning
  • May 22
    Kindergarten Roundup
  • May 23
    Spring Band Concert
    May 23
    MS Outdoor Ed Intensive Chaperone Training
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Celebrating Student Work!

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Art Studio



Social Studies

Our students apply historical thinking skills to make sense of the past in order to better understand the present.


The KKK & Their Violence Throughout the Ages. By Peter Keyes

CTE High Quality Products

Book Trailer Project - Learning Targets: I can capture, produce, edit, apply basic principles, and publish a digital video using Adobe Premiere AND I can apply basic principles of animation and effectively identify, create and manipulate 2D animations using Adobe After Effects.

Digital Design Book Trailer Writing Good Villains

Digital Design Book Trailer 1984

Digital Design Book Trailer Eye See You