FAQ's Powerschool and Website

Q: The calendars in the Teacher Web pages don't show up on the page?
A: You are probably using Chrome for your web browser and it hasn't been recently updated.  To fix this, go to Chrome "Settings" select "About." This should automatically engage the updating process. When done, close out of Venture's website, then relaunch venturelearning.org. This should fix the problem.  If not, you may need to clear your browsing cookies and images. Go to "settings" then "more tools" then "clear browsing data" (the screen where you clear looks like this). If you can't find this, call the office and they can walk you through it.

Q: What is the school code for the PowerSchool phone app:
A: RMWQ  (make sure to capitalize all the letters).

Q: My phone app sends me constant notifications, how can I stop this, help!
A: Go to "Settings," select "Notifications." Turn off both "Final Grades" and "Attendance." (Note: This action will not turn off final grade access, it will only stop the push notifications that occur every time anything is changed or updated by any teacher on the system.)

Q: Is there a video on how to log in and create a parent account?
A:  Yes, click here:

Q: How do I link a child to my current account?

A: Check out our written instructions here:

Q: Can I receive individual assistance with logging in?
A:  Yes, please visit us in our front office.

Q: Do student and parents share the same log in?
A: No, parents have a different log in then students.  Students in grades third - twelfth will receive their log in from their crew teacher.  Parents will receive their log in from the administration office.  If a parent hasn't received a log in, please contact the office.  

Q: My elementary student has a 1-4 grade and my high school student has an A-F grade.
A: Elementary students are focusing on mastering the Learning Targets. High school students are preparing for college while earning credit for graduation.

Q: What does the 1-4 grade mean for my elementary student?
A: 4+ = Exceeds Expectations 4 = Mastering Target 3 = Meeting Target  2 = Approaching Target  1 = Needs Improvement