Intensives & Middle School Electives

Intensives - Let’s do this all day, everyday!

Intensives occur in a one week time frame that happens twice each year where regular studies are set aside and students and teachers have the opportunity to explore a favorite topic in great depth all day, every day, for a week. Some topics are better studied in an intense, all day manner where students can utilize tools and resources, go out in the community, focus on larger projects, etc., without being bound by the normal daily schedule.  

Electives – What am I interested in?

For being a relatively small middle school, Venture’s 6th to 8th offers an impressive array of elective offerings that give students the opportunity to pursue their interests.  They also provide teachers with an opportunities to teach courses in which they have a particular interest.  Teachers often make use of local resources (nature, experts, and fieldwork) to enrich the experiences.