Community Focus, Partnerships, & Service

Venture students engage in work that is meaningful and authentic; work that is more like that which is done in the “real-world”.  One of the key ways of accomplishing this is by seeking opportunities within our community to study and work on real problems being faced by neighborhoods, businesses, city councils, etc.  This work is sometimes simply an agreement to produce a product or service that is needed to enrich some aspect of the community like providing high quality wildlife informational signs posted along the Ogden River Restoration project, or arranging to interview Veterans at the Veterans Home to write their stories. It may sometimes take the form of a partnership.

Ogden River Sign

Fieldwork – Let’s go study this first hand!

Participation in fieldwork is another important and common way in which Venture students improve their understanding and skills in relation to the topics they are studying and the questions they are pursuing. After having gained significant understanding of a topic from in-class learning, investigations outside the classroom in “the field", can provide an important way for them to seek answers to their questions, conduct experiments, gather data, and confirm, or challenge, their present understandings.  Each year around 100 separate fieldwork excursions are conducted by various student groups in the K-8.  Certain aspects of a topic cannot be fully understood without the perspectives gained through this important fieldwork.

Local Experts – Who do we know that can help us understand?

Venture teachers and students seek out expertise within the community to provide valuable insight as well as critique of student work.  Often these experts are invited to the school; sometimes students travel to their places of employment; and sometimes these experts assist in, or guide, fieldwork activities.