Board of Directors

Board Policies

The Venture Academy Board of Directors generally meets the third Thursday of each month beginning at 5:00 pm.  Charter School Board Meetings are public meetings. Interested persons are welcome to attend. Visitors are invited to share their thoughts during the public comments section of the meeting.  The Board may only discuss or take action on items that are officially on the agenda.  Please speak with the board president at least one week prior to an upcoming board meeting if you would like to discuss adding an item to the board agenda. 

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes: 

  April 2020 Agenda   April 2020 Draft Minutes
  March 2020 Agenda   March 2020 Minutes
  February 2020 Agenda   February 2020 Minutes
  January 2020 Agenda   January 2020 Minutes
 December 2019 Special Mtg.Agenda  December 2019 Special Mtg.Minutes 
  November 2019 Agenda   November 2019 Minutes
  October 2019 Agenda   October 2019 Draft Minutes
  September 2019 Agenda   September 2019 Minutes
  August 2019 Agenda   August 2019 Minutes
  June 2019 Agenda   June 2019 Minutes

Board Members

Board President - Sharmilla Felix

Board Members -                              
                             Kathryn Clark
                             Sharmilla Felix
                             Christoper Hoagstrom         
     Jenny Rabe
                             Andrea Riches
                             Brad Waddoups       

The Venture Academy governing board is looking for dedicated candidates to fill open board positions. Please fill out the board nomination/interest form and send to