Assessment - How do I know how I am doing?

To support students in their ability to demonstrate achievement in the five dimensions of student achievement, the following tools are used:

1. Student Work Portfolios 

2. Student-led Parent Conferences

3. Progress Reports and Report Cards

4. Passage Presentations

5. Crew Groups

Student Work Portfolios

Students gather their best work--including some work that shows their processes--into portfolios that are organized around the five dimensions of student achievement.

Student-Led Conferences

Twice each year, students sit down with their parents to go over the work they are doing and to show progress.  Their portfolios, along with tools provided by their teachers, serve as important tools in being able to have an effective conference with their parents.  Students who do this over the years K to 8 become quite proficient in speaking with their parents about how they are doing. 

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Teachers publish report cards 4 times per year that show student achievement on key learning targets from the term.  Inter-term progress reports are publish periodically as well.

Passages: "I came, I learned well, I’m ready to move up!"

In grades 5 and 8, students do what we call passage presentations. Student work portfolios and student led conference folders form a key tool of preparation for the Passage Presentations. Students present their work and progress to a panel composed of teachers, administrators, community members, and parents (8th grade); or they present to their peers and parents (5th grade). The presentation is organized around the questions of:

  • How am I making progress in the Five Dimensions of Student Achievement? 
  • What aspects of my work demonstrate the Venture Values? 

In 8th grade, the panel hears the presentation, asks clarifying questions, deliberates on whether the student passes the “Passage,” gives recommendations, and suggests opportunities for improvement in the presentation.