Math, LA, Art, Music, & PE

Math, language arts, visual arts, music, and physical education/adventure serve important roles in supporting our learning expeditions and creating a well-rounded education.


In the K-8, all classes use the Singapore method of math instruction.  The approach focuses on both conceptual development and strong number sense. Through a spiraling process, key processes and concepts build from year to year circling back to earlier learning and taking it to the next level.  The aim is for students to not only be able to get correct answers, but to know why they are correct.  Venture students perform well on standardized tests while also developing strong number sense and logic, the hallmarks of good math education. 

Language Arts

Basic literacy skills are vital across the curriculum.  Students receive focused instruction in reading and writing both in basic skill development sessions and in relation to projects associated learning expeditions.  They write regularly and in a variety of different styles for different purposes.  This also includes regularly refining, through multiple revisions, certain writing pieces into what we call final products.


Venture has a strong commitment to art education.  All students in K-5 receive instruction from an art specialist as part of their studies.  Middle school students have a robust set of art elective courses from which to choose. 


Music is taught and performed with excellence at Venture. All students in K-5 receive regular instruction from a music specialist.  Middle school students have band classes as elective options. Venture’s band has repeatedly and regularly been invited, by audition, to perform at the State band festival with the State’s top bands. 

Physical Education and Adventure

Venture recognizes that the skills, abilities and characteristics gained through physical engagement are an important aspect of education.  Venture’s Adventure program develops skills and characteristics that create a foundation for lifelong enjoyment and physical fitness. Students at Venture can expect opportunities to engage in sports such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking and more. K-5 students are regularly instructed by a PE specialist and middle school students have both required and elective courses.