Why Venture K-8?

Our students do work that is:

Good in quality,

Good for the soul, and

Good for the world.

--Ron Berger 


It’s an Amazing World We Live In: Let’s Discover it!

Human societies have, over the millennia, developed knowledge and practices that have helped them to survive and thrive on planet earth.  Much of this learning has also yielded wisdom.  Passing the best of this learning and wisdom on to the rising generation is a very important part of what our children need from us.

The Venture Academy K-8 offers parents and students an innovative learning community that is committed to:

  • Providing space and opportunity for students to develop powerful skills, discover interests, refine their strengths, and develop confidence;
  • Helping students understand not just what there is to learn, but why it is worth learning;
  • Providing a learning community that is friendly, supportive, and challenging and where strong relationships can be built over time with teachers and other students.
  • Helping students understand and develop effective ways of serving the needs of our community, nation, and world.
  • Helping students embrace the reality that habits of character like grit, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, attitude, respect, and integrity matter more to success in life than anything else;
  • Hiring and training great teachers to love and help your children grow!

We encourage you to read more about how we do this in the sections outlined in “Our Approach to Curriculum & Instruction.”