Communication w/ Parents & Students

At Venture, we use three main methods for communicating with parents and students:

1. PowerSchool.  Current and final grades on assignments and overall course grades can be found on PowerSchool. You can access this on your computer ( or there is an app for your phone called PowerSchool Mobile that you can download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store (you will need this to sign in: District code: RMWQ). Please contact the office if you need help with this.  There is a Frequently Asked Questions section to assist you. 

2. Website (

a. For basic Information about class assignments, due dates, etc. please start by visiting our website under the Classroom Resources option on the far right side of the home page banner. Navigate to the teacher of interest and on their page you will find useful information about the course, due dates, documents, etc.

b. For general information about school wide events, etc., please check the main website calendar on the home page.

3. Email.  We also use email to communicate important messages. We know that in the past we have flooded parent email inboxes with so many emails that parents began to ignore them. We understand this and will make every effort to limit the number of emails to only those things that don't function well in #1 and #2 above.

4. Communicating Concerns

Venture recognizes the central role communication plays in the success of the school. We expect and encourage open, responsible, and respectful communication. If parents have a concern, question or suggestion the appropriate line of communication is to first approach a teacher or one of the school secretaries.  If the issue is not resolved, please speak with administration.