Trina Thomson

We are studying the building of the Transcontinental Railroad and the people who were impacted by its construction.   We  began with a look at Westward expansion and the Homestead Act.  We then learned about the Railroad Act that President Lincoln was able to sign amidst the Civil War.  This act made it so that a route was selected and 2 companies were given permission to begin building.  The Central Pacific and the Union Pacific.  We have taken a closer look at the "Bosses" of each and are in the midst of learning about the workers of both companies.  Fieldwork to the Union Station deepened our knowledge of the railroad's impact on Ogden.  We have also studied the Union Pacific, specifically the Irish workers, why they came to the US, what their daily work life was like and the Work/Supply train the the Casement brothers developed to help work move more quickly. We finished up this part of our study by writing a narrative from the perspective of an Irish worker. We then took a look at boom towns along the route and the people that lived there. The final group of people we took a deeper look at two of the tribes that were impacted by the building of the TRR.  The negative impact of this joining of the nations were felt for generations of the Native Americans who lost so much including their food source and their home land.

Pictures of the expert group's tableaus were taken on Friday April 13th. The images will be available after editing by the photographer for a minimal charge. More information will be coming shortly.

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