Mission and Vision K-12


Inspire the rising generation

 to reach the heights of their potential,

Ignite their curiosity

to venture into challenging new learning experiences,

and through service,

Empower them to be leaders

who are committed to family and community...then they can

Achieve their dreams and shape their world.

*  *  *  *  *

Venture Academy opened its doors in 2008 as a K-8 school.  It added 9th grade the following year and within two years, by popular demand, made the decision to expand all the way through 12th grade--adding one grade per year.  The class of 2015 was our first high school graduating class. 

Venture is committed to providing a unique and high quality educational experience to the families in our community--an education built on our pillar values of excellence, service, and leadership. 


"Work of excellence is transformational. Once a student sees that he or she is capable of excellence, that student is never quite the same. There is a new self-image, a new notion of possibility. There is an appetite for excellence."

--Ron Berger, An Ethic of Excellence

Students at Venture are provided with tools and opportunities to achieve excellent work.


Service to others makes learning meaningful. Teachers and students learn about the needs of the surrounding community, nation, and world. Students apply the skills they are learning at Venture to address those needs. Service within the school and the community is an integral part of our educational program.


Habits of service and excellence provide key supports in developing leadership skills.  One of the reasons students and teachers work hard to understand the needs of the community is so that they can provide leadership in responding to those needs. Students have many opportunities to think, direct, delegate, articulate, plan, and execute.  They learn to lead by making a difference now in their school and their community. As part of this work, they also learn about and make connections with great leaders throughout history.

Together with our three pillar values described above, seven additional complementary values (see below in bold) form the bedrock upon which the programs and practices of Venture are built.

We respect one another through courtesy, kindness, and fairness.

We tell the truth, we can be trusted, we have integrity.

We seek to understand, appreciate, and preserve the core values that have made the United States of America great (patriotism).

We seek to develop our personal gifts (individuality) and share them with others.

We strive to nurture enthusiasm and adventure as vital aspects of effective lifelong learning.

We recognize family as the fundamental unit of society and seek to support and strengthen families.