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The Venture Academy Board of Directors generally meets the third Thursday of each month beginning at 5:15 pm.  Charter School Board Meetings are public meetings. Interested persons are welcome to attend. Visitors are invited to share their thoughts during the public comments section of the meeting.  The Board may only discuss or take action on items that are officially on the agenda.  Please speak with the board president at least one week prior to an upcoming board meeting if you would like to discuss adding an item to the board agenda. 

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes: 

March 2023 Agenda March 2023 Minutes March 2023 Public Materials
 February 2023 Agenda February 2023 Minutes February 2023 Public Materials
 January 2023 Agenda January 2023 Minutes January 2023 Public Materials
 November 2022 Agenda November 2022 Minutes November 2022 Public Materials
 October 2022 Agenda October 2022 Minutes October 2022 Public Materials
 September 2022 Agenda September 2022 Minutes September Public Materials
 August 2022 Agenda August 2022 Minutes August Public Materials
 June 2022 Agenda  June 2022 Minutes  June Public Materials
June 2022 Special Mtg Agenda   June 2022 Special Mtg Minutes  June 2022 Special Mtg Materials
 May 2022 Special Mtg Agenda May 2022 Special Mtg Minutes  May 2022 Special Mtg Materials
 April 2022 Agenda April 2022 Minutes April Public Materials
 March 2022 Special Mtg Agenda  March 2022 Special Mtg Minutes  
 March 2022 Agenda March 2022 Minutes  March Public Materials
 February 2022 Agenda  February 2022 Minutes  February Public Materials
 January 2022 Agenda   January 2022 Minutes  January Public Materials
January 2022 Special Mtg Agenda   January 2022 Special Mtg Minutes January 2022 Special Mtg. Materials
 November 2021 Agenda November 2021 Minutes November Public Materials
 October 2021 Agenda  October 2021 Minutes  October Public Materials
 September 2021 Agenda September 2021 Minutes  September Public Materials
 August 2021 Agenda August 2021 Minutes August Public Materials

NOTE: Audio recordings of board meetings are available upon request from the office.

Board Members

Board President - Sharmilla Felix  Email

            Sharmilla graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Psychology and Child and Family Studies. She has been part of the Venture community since 2010 when both of her children were accepted into the school, and has loved serving students, teachers and staff in various capacities over the years including working as a Room Mom, serving as Parent Crew President, judging countless debate tournaments, and driving and chaperoning for many amazing fieldwork opportunities. She joined the Board of Directors in 2014 and currently serves as Board President. “My father is an immigrant from India and he taught my sister and me to value education as a privilege and to give back to the community. I love everything about Venture–its mission, the three pillars of ‘Service, Excellence, and Leadership’ and the amazing teachers and administration. It has been wonderful to be part of this incredible community.”

Board Members -                              
                             Kevin Wasden  Email
             Kevin is dedicated to promoting the education and the development of young people as responsible citizens and members of their communities. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Utah State University and a Master's in Educational Leadership from Southern Utah University. Throughout his career in education, Kevin has fulfilled various roles including teacher, Dean of Culture, and K-8 Principal. Currently, he is the Director of Professional Development at Gibbs Smith Education. Kevin’s personal philosophy emphasizes the importance of hard work, ethics, and helping others achieve success. He is grateful to be able to continue serving Venture Academy as a member of the Board of Directors.              
                            Christel Grange-Hicks Email
hristel, a life long learner and advocate for outdoors, health and safety graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Health Promotions with an emphasis on Life Coaching from Weber State University.  She carries the NCHEC and EYTT Certification, which assists in her work at Weber State University, and side gigs as a Meditation and Yoga teacher throughout the Greater Ogden Area.  Christel started her journey with Venture as a volunteer when it was an idea coming into fruition, soon after being an employee right before they opened their doors to students in 2008.  In 2022 Christel transitioned her continued support of Venture to a Board Member.

            Andrea Riches   Email
           Andrea graduated from "Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey" in the City of Querétaro, Mexico. She holds a Bachelor degree in Communications, and an Early Childhood Education Certification from MEPI. She has been a Montessori Teacher for the past 17 years and the owner of a Montessori School for the past 12. She has been part of the Venture community since it opened its doors and both of her children were accepted. They both have graduated successfully from Venture, and feel extremely lucky to be part of a school that helped them every step of the way reach their very best. "As an immigrant that values education I will always be grateful for having Venture be part of our lives."

                             Michelle Terry  Email
            Michelle graduated from LISOF, South Africa, with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. Shortly after graduating she moved to the United States, and became a Naturalized US Citizen. Michelle began her journey with Venture Academy as a staff member in 2010, and joined the Board of Directors as Secretary in 2018 while still employed at Venture Academy. The educational environment Venture provides is invaluable, and therefore both of her children are enrolled in Venture Academy and have been since Kindergarten. In 2020 Michelle made the difficult decision to leave Venture Academy as a staff member to pursue a career in education publishing. Which then allowed her to continue to be involved by joining the Board as a voting member. 

                             Randy Wilson  Email
            Randy is a local boy that loves life and people, he was born and raised in Weber County. Attended and graduated from Ben Lomond High School and Weber State University where he focused on sales, management and business. He has also attended specialized training from Fortune 500 companies down to extra classes at the University of Phoenix on various subjects such as human relations, motivation and management training, etc. He owned his own retail stores for many years and recently sold them. Currently, Randy has been asked to consult a large company that is now in 20 states. He is the father of four children and 10 grandchildren and brings an outside look into Venture Academy. He believes heavily in education. "I love what Venture Academy is doing and am glad to be a part of the board."
                             Natalie Allgood  Email
             Natalie graduated from Westminster College with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and certification in Special Education. She was a special education teacher, mentor, and intervention specialist in Davis School District for eight years. She has received many certifications over the years, including her most recent, Advocate for Disabilities through Utah Development Disability Center. She has three children that attend Venture. "I am passionate about education for all children and know the school culture has a huge influence in that education. I love the values and culture at Venture! Venture is a wonderful school!"

Audit Committee Members - 
                             Michelle Terry
                             Natalie Allgood

The Venture Academy governing board is looking for dedicated candidates to fill open board positions. Please fill out the board nomination/interest form and send to [email protected]